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It turned out being more versatile and useful then I had expected going in, and the price isn’t bad at all, to tell you the truth. It’s pretty darned good, actually, as long as you have the use for it, I highly recommend it. The quality is there, and it folds down and slides right under the bed for storage. It’s terrific!

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I ordered this privacy screen for a work at home setup. The room is shared with my child's hobby table that doubles as a school desk when remote schooling is in place. As such, when I am in meetings that require a camera, I want to be able to block off views to the door behind me as well as my child's desk.

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The privacy screen is very thick, so no concerns about light peeking through. The whole setup is light enough to easily transport but still heavy enough to not be a concern of tipping over. The screen, when in in its storage case, can easily be stored under a bed or on its side in a closet.

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